Fecha: 2012
Género: Psicología y Pedagogía
Editorial: HYPERINK
ISBN: 9781614646532

ABOUT THE BOOKThe fiery eyes peering from the front of the twenty-dollar bill belong to the first president who wouldve passed one of the major litmus tests for anyone running for President of the United States today. Andrew Jackson was the ultimate man of the people, and the guy you wanted to have a beer with. He was the first “common man” who ascended to the highest office in the land. He was an Everyman who achieved greatness and received his share of scorn for a life and presidency that was anything but ordinary and certainly never dull.The nickname “Old Hickory” explains much about Jackson, who was born in South Carolina in 1767. “Old Hickory” was tough and aggressive, a person who wasnt allowed to be a kid for very long because his father died before he was born and he joined the army as a teenager after his mother passed. He went off to fight the Revolutionary War and later became Americas greatest military hero of the era. He fell madly in love, only to watch his beloved wife die before he was elected as the 7th President of the United States in 1828. His presidency was filled with upheaval and controversy, and he survived the first assassination attempt against a U.S. president.Thats just scratching the surface of Andrew Jacksons life and impact on the United States. Some historians view Jackson as one of the best presidents the U. S. has ever had. Others see him as a dictator and one of the worst American leaders. Jackson believed in a strong presidency and expanded the power of the office, leading critics to dub him a tyrant. For instance, he vetoed 12 pieces of legislation, more than the first six presidents combined.Still, he never wavered in his effort to be a man of the people, sometimes to a fault. Too often, he made decisions strictly based on polls, which did not yield the result of making him more popular. But Andrew Jackson didnt know any other way than to try to stand up for the little guy, because, essentially, thats who he was.