Fecha: 2017
Género: Literatura
ISBN: 9788826077727

Everyone has a past...But what happens when you hide that past from your husband?What happens when you deny your deepest desires?What happens when those desires are revealed by an assassin?Alex Longdon: is a broken man, a man in disgrace - his only salvation: Peninah.Peninah Longdon: young, beautiful, faithful and loving. The perfect wife. But Peninah has a past, and harbours desires that she has buried deep inside, terrified that her dependable but unadventurous husband could never understand. Secrets and temptations that lie safely dormant until she find herself in the cross-hairs of an assassins rifle, and her life and past begin to spiral out of control. Secrets revealed, mistakes punished, fetish revisited; as the hunted couple fight to stay one step ahead of a ruthless cartel.Will their love survive?Can they survive?Follow Alex and Peninah in a battle to stay alive, and in love, as their adventure races from southern Spain to the heart of Africa.