Fecha: 2012
Género: Filología
Editorial: BOOKBABY
ISBN: 9780615728247

Gilland Ambrose, a 19th-century English trading magnate, has journeyed to Venice to strike a deal with shipping magnate Jacamello Grossini. He plans to secure both a partnership with the Grossini familys company and a wife for his son William. But his most ardent wish is to expand the range of the Ambrose familys skills, specifically the talent that Signore Grossinis beautiful daughter Anna Luca possesses. She is a “traveler,” which means that she has mastered the art of teleportation. This union between her and his son will ensure that future Ambrose progeny have the power to protect the riches and skills they already possess. But what seems so easy at first soon is rife with intrigue and tragedy. The Ambrose doublecross the Grossini, who levy a curse against their former partners, a deadly curse that no amount of time will erase.In present-day Dallas, Texas, an unknown Ambrose heir, Conrad Lancaster, has written a book. He unwittingly gives away the secret whereabouts of the Texas-born Ambrose family. In committing to paper a story which he believes to be family lore, he jeopardizes not only his own life but also the lives of the rest of his family and of his partner Anthony Holt. His novel Sons of the Ambrose sets in motion a potentially deadly game of hide and seek which the Grossini have waited centuries to play.Because they are all now in danger, Conrads father Douglas insists that Conrad meet immediately with his Great-aunt Agathe Millingroad Ambrose in upstate New York. It is she who will answer his questions and decide if he is to inherit and manage the Ambrose wealth and finally bring their influential family out of the shadows and into the 21st century. Upon receiving a ransom note after the Grossinis kidnap Conrad en route, Agathe “awakens the familys tremendous resources” to rescue her grand-nephew.Agathe also acts to safeguard Conrads partner Anthony Holt in the security of Villa da Jūni, the Ambrose palatial estate.